Fat Ally is out to get Skinny Ali

Hello All,

   I understand that a lot of you are upset about my acrostic poem which described to a tee how perfectly the planning of our production had been going, but honestly IT WAS ALL FAT ALLY!  She hacked the blogs and is out to destroy the reputation of Skinny Ali!  Skinny Ali would never do something so childish.  This acrostic written by Fat Ally, which referred to the spongebob acronym People Order Our Patties, was juvenile but the only way she could think of with her small mind to get across her message while selfishly entertaining herself.  She told me to tell you that she now understands that we live in a world of censorship and the man is just trying to keep us down…

Now that you know Fat Ally is out to get me I will tell you about our movie Skinny Ali style..

We scheduled the rest of our movie and if all goes according to plan we shall be done shooting next friday which is super exciting.  Our first scene filming with Sr. Sturges will be tomorrow and we are expecting great things from him.  The Mulberry crew morale is on the rise as we see the end of this beautiful journey on the horizon, and I am very happy with how production has gone so far.

We have big things in store.

    Much Love… Peace and blessings…

                     Skinny Ali


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