The Ringer is ready to rumble

Hello Word, it’s Assistant Director and star-blogger Allison Ajemian here to brief all of you dedicated followers on the amazing progress of “The Ringer”.

Now some of you may not know this, but “The Ringer” had to go through a pretty major rewrite in order to be fit for production this year.  Working arduously our delightful director Hank Mullen along with the entire Mulberry crew went through the screenplay and made all of the changes necessary to fix the problems we had with “The Ringer”.  With the help of the wondrous writer John “monty” Montaquila the final copy of “The Ringer” has been submitted to Alan for his approval.

With our new actors Kyle Raftery and Alex Marcinkowski finalized this obstacle overcome Mulberry can focus on other things such as storyboarding, shot lists, and script meetings.  In my eyes this is a momentous day for Mulberry.

Peace and Blessings,

Allison Ajemian and the Mulberry crew


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