Assistant in Need of Assistance

Ali Ajemian here with your newest installment of The Ringer Review (yes that was an intentional use of alliteration get used to that). Mulberry Crew will shortly be moving into Alan’s room to get down to business on our very own computers. Until then this crew is working super hard with All-Star Art Direction Keiko Ivinson finishing up her mood maps and making a killer prop list, and diligent director Hannah Mullen writing up our vision of the screenplay. Which leaves I, Assistant Director Allison Ajemian with the responsibility of coming up with the most Irish sounding last name possible for our main character Billy. This may be the hardest thing I have to do all year, however I am managing to cope with the stress of this task by receiving help from the Marionberry Crew, chiefly Batchy, and also Jmacs. We have come up with quite a few names “O’Sullivan”, “O’Connell”, and Batchy’s personal favorite: Billy O’Reilly Jr., which would be limited to the fact that our good friend Bill O’Reilly of the O’Reilly factor is willing to come in with a cameo as young Billy’s father. Fingers crossed I can use my young republican connections with Fox news to get him to Walpole… in order to do this I first have to become a young republican, so I will have to get back to you with my progress on that issue. Until then I am planning on having to buy a lot of fancy suits and talk about money and taxes with my friends? Is that what young republicans do? I don’t really know which is why this blog is not just an update on how our crew is coming along with pre-production, but a cry for help from mulberry. We would greatly appreciate your assistance with a few things:
1. Acquire the telephone number of Bill O’Reilly so he can be in our movie
2. If the phone number cannot be acquired I need help becoming a young republican so I can get his number myself
3. If task one or two cannot be acheived HELP MULBERRY FIND AN IRISH SURNAME
I usually don’t enjoy asking people for help, but this is a make or break situation here.

THANKS FRIENDS for all of your consideration I leave you with this.Image

I love you all very much and am excited to be kicking some butt Mulberry Style.

-Allison Ajemian and the marvelous mulberry bunch

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