Here it goes–my first-ever blog!!

Today’s a big day for production: we’re filming our big SAT scene for the end of the movie.  We’ve accumulated quite a few extras and are ready to get this scene filmed.  Already we’ve filmed about half the movie, and our editing ninja director Hannah Mullen has been doing a GREAT job editing our shiz.

Unlike my lazy co-assistant-direct Skinny Ali (much worse that her former self: Fat Ali), I’ve been doing some Grade-A editing AND fixing volume levels (I know, please save your applause.

Unfortunately, my crew has not been taking advantage of my above-average acting skills, as displayed in my lead role in last year’s production of Adorn: The Final CHapter.  But whatever, I’m over it and guess I’ll settle for measly co-director/editor supreme.

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PS – Aurora says hi.

Fat Ally is out to get Skinny Ali

Hello All,

   I understand that a lot of you are upset about my acrostic poem which described to a tee how perfectly the planning of our production had been going, but honestly IT WAS ALL FAT ALLY!  She hacked the blogs and is out to destroy the reputation of Skinny Ali!  Skinny Ali would never do something so childish.  This acrostic written by Fat Ally, which referred to the spongebob acronym People Order Our Patties, was juvenile but the only way she could think of with her small mind to get across her message while selfishly entertaining herself.  She told me to tell you that she now understands that we live in a world of censorship and the man is just trying to keep us down…

Now that you know Fat Ally is out to get me I will tell you about our movie Skinny Ali style..

We scheduled the rest of our movie and if all goes according to plan we shall be done shooting next friday which is super exciting.  Our first scene filming with Sr. Sturges will be tomorrow and we are expecting great things from him.  The Mulberry crew morale is on the rise as we see the end of this beautiful journey on the horizon, and I am very happy with how production has gone so far.

We have big things in store.

    Much Love… Peace and blessings…

                     Skinny Ali


BenJungbin FrankLim’s third journal

Alas, I just posted a blog but I didn’t attach it to Mulberry, so I am redoing the same one again. Well, we have been pretty slow past two weeks, I must say. I haven’t filmed last two weeks, but I don’t know if others have been filming. However, fortunately, we have already filmed about 15 scenes out of 30 scenes, so we are about half way through. The last shot, we’ve done as far as I remember, is the montage which we did over the weekend. There were some I really liked like the one where Kyle and Floyd show Takeo how to pants Jackie Gately. That was very well done by Billy and Floyd. The only obstacle is that Kyle and Alex can flim only after school so that creates some schedule conflict. Also, Skinny/ Absent Ally has been absent often, and we all hope she is well.

My sole contribution has been acting. I’ve been working on a screenplay but I have not done nearly as much as Hannah or Mike or Keiko. I would say Hannah is the one carrying the team, for she always does the most work. The best episode so far was shooting at Billy’s house (which is Mike Habib’s house) and Billy and Floyd  couldn’t remember Takeo’s name, so we were coming up with funny names like “Tokyo” “Take-o” “Takeeo”. Kyle and I and Alex messed up many scenes because we couldn’t stop laughing but it was real. 

My latest hobby has been Diplomacy. Kevin Delaney, Ross Bubly, Phil Reidy, and I and a few others just finished a game (the victor being Emperor Sean Herlihy). I’ve been trying to start two new games. One has already started. Its title is Du Hast and the participants are Ross Bubly, Vandana, Jake Kelsey, Phil Reidy, Sean Herlihy, and I and Mike Griffin. kaiser Bubly and Emperor Herlihy and I have formed the Holy Alliance and we shall bring justice to Europe. 


Jungbin’s second journal

Hello, this is Jungbin.

I just published a new post, but I don’t know where it went, so I do another one, exactly the same as the one before.

Today is Friday, and next week is February vacation. Mulberry hasn’t made much progress this week, but we all hope to get a lot done next week. I am free almost everyday next week. We should get much done next week. 

Film with my boys, Kyle and Mike and Alex, is very fun. I look forward to film with my boys next week, because it will be fun. 

Mr. Alan wants me to get updated on current events. But I would like him to know that I no longer trust capitalist propaganda like CNN or New York TImes. 

Jungbin’s first journal

On Saturday, I watched the Wachowski siblings’ Cloud Atlas. Cloud Atlas may be the best movie I have ever watched. It talked about eternal recurrence and the connection between the universe and humanity and the importance of love in our lives. I was very impressed by the transitions between different stories, because the movie is about six different stories in different place and time settings. 

I was extremely happy about how the Wachowski siblings mentioned Korea many times throughout the movie. One of the settings is Neo-Seoul. I lived in Seoul so I was very excited to see Korean writings and words mentioned in the movie. Also one of the main actresses was Korean. 

I hope that our film crew will be able to produce a movie that is as good as Cloud Atlas someday!!!

HELP! MISSING: Assistant Director

Our crew is in mourning. Our much needed assistant director Ali Ajemian, has been out almost all week.  Production is essentially at a complete stop, we have barely won any points in Music Trivs, and storyboarding is nonexistent.  We haven’t even blogged until right now! We need our mojo back! FEEL BETTER!


The Rest of the Mulberry Crew

The Ringer is ready to rumble

Hello Word, it’s Assistant Director and star-blogger Allison Ajemian here to brief all of you dedicated followers on the amazing progress of “The Ringer”.

Now some of you may not know this, but “The Ringer” had to go through a pretty major rewrite in order to be fit for production this year.  Working arduously our delightful director Hank Mullen along with the entire Mulberry crew went through the screenplay and made all of the changes necessary to fix the problems we had with “The Ringer”.  With the help of the wondrous writer John “monty” Montaquila the final copy of “The Ringer” has been submitted to Alan for his approval.

With our new actors Kyle Raftery and Alex Marcinkowski finalized this obstacle overcome Mulberry can focus on other things such as storyboarding, shot lists, and script meetings.  In my eyes this is a momentous day for Mulberry.

Peace and Blessings,

Allison Ajemian and the Mulberry crew


Discrimination Against Loud People

Alright.  I am loud. I embrace it. BUT according to someone who’s name rhymes with Balan thinks we need to be moved.  I think not!  Mulberry is transferred to his desk due to my gift of having strong vocal chords.  To my crew I apologize.  And to everyone else I will prove that I am not disruptive.  Just wait and see!



Assistant in Need of Assistance

Ali Ajemian here with your newest installment of The Ringer Review (yes that was an intentional use of alliteration get used to that). Mulberry Crew will shortly be moving into Alan’s room to get down to business on our very own computers. Until then this crew is working super hard with All-Star Art Direction Keiko Ivinson finishing up her mood maps and making a killer prop list, and diligent director Hannah Mullen writing up our vision of the screenplay. Which leaves I, Assistant Director Allison Ajemian with the responsibility of coming up with the most Irish sounding last name possible for our main character Billy. This may be the hardest thing I have to do all year, however I am managing to cope with the stress of this task by receiving help from the Marionberry Crew, chiefly Batchy, and also Jmacs. We have come up with quite a few names “O’Sullivan”, “O’Connell”, and Batchy’s personal favorite: Billy O’Reilly Jr., which would be limited to the fact that our good friend Bill O’Reilly of the O’Reilly factor is willing to come in with a cameo as young Billy’s father. Fingers crossed I can use my young republican connections with Fox news to get him to Walpole… in order to do this I first have to become a young republican, so I will have to get back to you with my progress on that issue. Until then I am planning on having to buy a lot of fancy suits and talk about money and taxes with my friends? Is that what young republicans do? I don’t really know which is why this blog is not just an update on how our crew is coming along with pre-production, but a cry for help from mulberry. We would greatly appreciate your assistance with a few things:
1. Acquire the telephone number of Bill O’Reilly so he can be in our movie
2. If the phone number cannot be acquired I need help becoming a young republican so I can get his number myself
3. If task one or two cannot be acheived HELP MULBERRY FIND AN IRISH SURNAME
I usually don’t enjoy asking people for help, but this is a make or break situation here.

THANKS FRIENDS for all of your consideration I leave you with this.Image

I love you all very much and am excited to be kicking some butt Mulberry Style.

-Allison Ajemian and the marvelous mulberry bunch